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Class Descriptions

What should you bring? All you need is a good pair of sneakers for foot stability, comfortable workout clothing, a towel (available at front desk) and water bottle. Your own mat is optional, but recommended. Mats are available in the Group Exercise Room.

How fit do you need to be? Most programs are geared to any level of fitness, with you controlling the intensity of your own workout. From beginners to athletes, group classes are one of the best ways to get fit stay fit or get fitter . . . FAST!

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Group Fitness Classes

Aqua Flow - Low intensity workout utilizing natural resistance of the water to elongate all major muscle groups in an effort to improve body awareness, posture, flexibility, balance & core stabilization. Great for arthritis and neuropathy! [Therapy Pool]
Body Boot Camp - Multi Station HIIT training session in class format. Full body workouts with free weights, body weight, and cardio movements.
Burn - High intensity cardio movement followed by strength training movements in multiple full body circuits. TOTAL BODY WORKOUT at a high tempo.
Cardio Fusion - Interval format that combines cardiovascular training with strength training, while performing high & low cardio movements that transition from floor to the step.
Cardio Smash - Kick boxing drills designed to enhance coordination, flexibility & endurance in addition to performing leg conditioning drills & boxing inspired abdominal work.
Chair Class - 60 minute class, utilizing chairs for cardio routines that sculpt & improve balance. [Multi-Purpose Room]
Cross Currents - Alternating short aerobic segments with short toning segments to maximize both aerobic & anaerobic conditioning that increase cardio endurance through timed intervals. [Lap pool]
Cycle-X – Circuit workout that combines heart-pumping cardio drills, explosive plyometrics & weight training. [SPIN Room]
Full Body Fit - Moderate intensity, a mixture of circuit training/interval work with full body movements and cardio bursts. Torch fat & build lean muscle. [1 hour class]
Hatha Yoga - Beginners yoga class that includes majority of varied yoga styles. Practice of Asana [yoga postures] & pranayama [breathing exercises] which help bring peace to the mind & body.
HIIT – [High Intensity Interval Training] Timed intervals of high intensity exercises followed by short rest periods. Guaranteed to scorch fat, sculpt entire body and improve overall strength & conditioning. Increase metabolism & improve caloric burn throughout the day. [30 minute class.]
Midday Meltdown – Multi-station boot camp style HIIT class. Takes place at 12:00pm.
Move.Laugh.Connect - Extend functional years with this exercise program that is designed to reconnect people with improvements to their daily function & well-being. Appropriate & helpful for everyone [especially older adults] with movement disorders or challenging health conditions. Includes physical, social & emotional dimensions that are recognized as critical to total well-being.
Pump & Crunch – Fun & upbeat barbell workout designed to strengthen & tone all major muscle groups.
SPIN - Zero impact, fat torching cycling & cardio workout designed to burn calories while increasing lower body & respiratory strength / conditioning. [Spin Room]
Tap Dance - Choreographed lively, rhythmic sounds & movement. Bring your tap shoes and all your moves!
Tai Chi - Graceful form of exercise that is used for stress reduction, lowering blood pressure, improving balance & postural awareness that will in turn reduce risks for falls in older adults. [Multi – Purpose Room]
TBS (Total Body Sculpt) - Cardio focused, multi-muscle exercises that focuses on high repetitions to increase tone and muscular endurance.
Total Body Fit - Moderate intensity, a mixture of circuit training/interval work with full body movements and cardio bursts. Torch fat and build lean muscle. [1 hour class]
Total Body Stretch - Increase flexibility, improve posture& reduce muscle tension through a series of stretches from head to toe.
Volleyball - Get your sport on year round in our indoor pool while playing fun & competitive rounds of volleyball. [Lap Pool]
Zumba® - Get ready to party! High-energy Latin dance moves that feature motivating music with lots of variety. Intensity builds slowly & finishes with a medley of cardio bursts. Full body workout that will have you showing off all your moves.