Class Descriptions

What should you bring? All you need is a good pair of sneakers for foot stability, comfortable workout clothing, a towel (available at front desk) and water bottle. Your own mat is optional, but recommended. Mats are available in the Group Exercise Room.

How fit do you need to be? Most programs are geared to any level of fitness, with you controlling the intensity of your own workout. From beginners to athletes, group classes are one of the best ways to get fit stay fit or get fitter . . . FAST!

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Group Fitness Classes

Aqua Flow-designed to elongate all the major muscle groups while challenging participants to maintain core stabilization, balance, and body alignment.

Aqua Fusion-creative water walking routines designed to increase cardiovascular endurance.

Burn/Firm-designed to burn fat and shape your muscles. Circuits take you through cycles of muscular strength & endurance immediately followed by mini cardio burst.

Cardio Fusion-considered to be one of the most efficient types of workouts. Interval format that combines cardiovascular training with strength training.

Cardio HIIT-(High Intensity Interval Training) Alternating high intense exercises followed by a very short recovery segment. 30-minute class

Cardio Mix-high and low cardio movements that transition from the floor to the step.

Chair Class-class is 60 minutes using the chair for cardio routines, sculpting, and balance. (Multi-purpose room)

Core Express-includes both core conditioning and aerobic paced movements. Stability and bender balls are used to enhance the effectiveness of the class. 30-minute class

Cross Currents-This class consists of alternating short aerobic segments and short toning segments to maximize both aerobic and anaerobic conditioning. (INTERVALS)

Cycle-X-circuit workout that combines heart-pumping cardio drills, explosive plyometric exercises, and weight training.

Kardio Smash-kick boxing drills designed to enhance your coordination, flexibly, and endurance. Class concludes with leg conditioning drills and boxing inspired ab work.

Flex & Stretch-low intensity workout utilizing the natural resistance of water. Designed to improve body awareness, posture, and flexibility.

Move.Laugh.Connect-extending the functional years (MLC) is an exercise program designed to reconnect people, in order to improve their daily function and overall well-being.  This program is appropriate for most everyone, especially older adults.  Those with movement disorders or challenged by other health conditions will find it especially helpful.  It is a balanced program that includes, physical, emotional, and social dimensions that are recognized as critical to the total well-being of the individual. 

PUMP & Crunch-barbell workout designed to strengthen and tone all major muscle groups. Low on complexity but high on fun!

Spin- zero impact fat burning cardio workout designed to burn an unbelievable amount of calories while conditioning your core and lower body.

Tap Dance- class consists of lively, rhythmic sound and movement while having lots of FUN!

Tai Chi-a graceful form of exercise that is used for stress reduction, lowering blood pressure, and reducing risk of falls in older adults. It has several other health benenfits. (Multi-purpose room)

TBS-cardio paced multi-muscle exercise consists of high repetitions to build strength and endurance.

TOTAL BODY STRETCH-designed to increase flexibility while improving posture and reduce muscle tension.

Hatha Yoga-a general category that includes most yoga styles. It is an old system that includes the practice of asanas (yoga postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises), which help bring peace to the mind and body.

 Zumba®-high-energy Latin dance moves that feature motivating music and lots of variety. Intensity builds slowly and finishes with a medley of cardio bursts.


Water Fitness Classes

Lap Pool

Hi/Lo H2O - This class provides a moderately effective cardiovascular workout using aqua moves; designed to challenge participants both physically and mentally. (PURE CARDIO)

New Waves - This class provides the best of both worlds; combining cardiovascular endurance and effective muscular resistance exercises. (COMBO)

Cross Currents - This class consists of alternating short aerobic segments and short toning segments to maximize both aerobic and anaerobic conditioning. (INTERVALS)

Aqua Fusion - Creative water walking routines designed to increase caradiovascular endurance. You can use a variety of steps including regular steps, short quick steps, long steps, et. Have Fun!

* All class concludes with abdominals, balance, and flexibility

Therapy Pool

Healing Waves - consists of a slow controlled workout designed to stretch, tone while providing healing activities for the entire body.

Fibromyalgia - low impact class designed to increase circulation and reduce muscle pain.

Pilates - is designed to stretch and strengthen the deepest muscles in the body. Pilates focuses on building core strength by working the abdominal & lower back muscles.

Range of Motion - designed to increase your strength and flexibility throughout the entire body.