Garrett Corley


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Head Trainer

I entered into the fitness industry because I always had a passion for it.  It always interested me and kept me motivated to learn how the human body could do such amazing things. Early on from child hood I started working out and never stopped through my teenage years into adulthood.  At 23 years old I decided to become a personal trainer, so I went to Dallas cooper institute to receive my first certification.  I wanted to help other people become healthy and increase the every day quality of their own lives.  Ever since I have had such a huge desire to learn more to educate myself in order to help people achieve the quality of life that everyone deserves, for themselves and for the people that surround them everyday.  I now pursue more educational standards through NASM and other certifications that set the bar higher and higher in this industry.  The more education I receive the more knowledge I will obtain to help other people in this journey of health and happiness.  This job for me is my life, my career, my passion, my way of spreading positivity to others.  

Head Trainer
TRX-Group Instructor

NASM- CPT Certified Personal Trainer

  • Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • Performance Enhancement Specialist
  • Prenatal Training
  • Fitness Nutrition Specialist
  • Behavioral Change Specialist


The Cooper Institute- Biomechanics of Resistance

  • Biomechanics of Resistance Training


  • Group training
  • Sports medicine
  • TRX Force


Northwestern State University:
Bachelors degree of sociology